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What is the difference? Wedding planner vs. Wedding Coordinator

Listen to the best explanation I’ve ever heard from Delaney, owner of Wilder Mind Events as she breaks it down into a way we can easily understand.

Stacy: What is the difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner and is there such a thing?

Delaney: Yes there’s a big difference! A wedding coordinator, to put simply, they are there to make sure your day runs the way that you planned it. That means you planned everything: you found the vendors, you pick the colors, you pick the venue, everything it’s all you. 

With a wedding coordinator, who comes in normally a month before, our packages are a month before, (I don’t I truly don’t think you can have a day of coordinator because that’s just impossible) but we come in a month before. We confirm all your vendors, we talk about your timeline and we’re the ones that do your floor plan, timeline, and confirm everybody and then just make sure your day goes smoothly on the actual day. 

Then, a wedding planner is someone that’s really with you from the beginning. So when you hire someone for full planning that’s from start to finish. We help you find your venue, we help you find all your vendors, we help you with your budget, and a hotel blocks and reading contracts and all of that stuff. That’s full planning. 

Then we also have a partial planning package where you do about 50% of the planning and we do about 50% of the planning but our side is all in design so we still communicate on behalf of you with your florist and rental companies and all the pretty things. Then the couple would be responsible for booking like the DJ the cater and those types of people, but even with partial planning – that kicks in a year out from your date you get a checklist or keep you on track and we’re making sure that you’re doing stuff correctly. So even though we may not be communicating with every single vendor, we’re still there to guide you and make sure that you are doing things correctly so the biggest difference between the two is we’re with you through it all we know your wedding like the back of our hands before and we’re trying to learn about your wedding and then we just execute it.

May 4, 2023

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