Get to Know the Photographers

We’re excited to meet you! The relationships we forge with our couples give us so much life. It’s not unusual for us to become besties with our couples, and you can often find us called out onto the dance floor at our weddings (and we’re happy to oblige, of course!).

On a serious note, we’re ready to share our love of art, photography, people, and adventure with you, and we hope you’ll share yourselves with us. 

Our story started in 2018 when we met over coffee and fell head over heels. With a couple of kids each, we stitched the fibers of our lives together, expanding our brood by two and our joy exponentially.

It was love at first sight for us. Not a cliche or a stretch of the truth! We became believers in that old adage the day we met for our first date at our now favorite coffee shop. Our love for art, photography, people and adventure has cultivated the perfect environment for us to create together. We are small business owners and raising our family in central Florida, with our two oldest just a few states away in North Carolina.

Photography really is our passion, and we pour everything we have into our art. We've happily discovered that our niche is giving our clients an easy experience, making sessions fun and memorable. All of our clients comment how fun, easy and relaxed their shoot felt. While we come with over a decade of experience, we are students of life soaking in all that life has to teach us through every photo session. Your photos should be as unique as you are, and we take pride in getting to know our clients to achieve this.

behind the lens

meet our videographer

meet our team photographer

All the dreaming starts to come to life once the wedding planning begins. With over a decade of experience we're happy to help in the entire planning process, not just give you the absolute best photographs. We'd love to collaborate and create with you. If you need help deciding on a great venue, choosing your coordinator, finding a great DJ, or putting together your day-of timeline, we are here to help. We have over 10 years experience in the wedding industry. There are so many options available to you. Entrust the most crucial part of your lineup to us. The marriage and the photographs are the only thing that remains after your wedding day is over. We know just how important our role is, and we put everything we are into it.