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Kate and Anil – Lakeland, Florida Wedding Photographer and Videographer

We love a luxury backyard wedding, and this one takes the cake. Kate and Anil planned their gorgeous wedding to be held and her childhood home situation right along Lake Mirror, downtown Lakeland Florida. This home is well-known in the community for it’s predominate spot lakeside and the stunning front yard that has some of the best views in town.

With handmade details, such as her custom wedding shoes, jewelry pieces and one-of-a-kind wedding gown, Kate chose to work with as many local wedding vendors as she could. We can get on board with that decision, being that our home was just 5 minutes from her wedding!

In the days just prior to this, literally two days before, Hurricane Ian ripped through Florida. But you would never know it being as how beautifully the wedding came together. The entire vendor team worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure the wedding could and would happen. We personally were still without power at our home, but thank goodness for a generator so we could charge up all our camera gear the night before!

Debris was cleared, trees trimmed, and fences repaired up until right before ‘go time’ at the family’s historic Lakeland home. We’d say from the images and video it’s nearly impossible to see that anything was wrong!


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Planning: Wildermind Events, Gown: The Southern Swan, Cocktails: Tuckers Southside, Florals: Bloom Shakalaka

November 16, 2022

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