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I (Ryan) just recently had the chance to attend a photography workshop hosted by Fire & Ice, a wedding photography and cinema company based out of the United Kingdom, known for their fine art posing style and fast-paced, scripted epic films. Held at the Sydonie Mansion in Mt. Dora, this venue was the perfect backdrop for a 1920s-styled shoot (sure to include a classic car, satin wedding gown, and all the Peaky Blinders inspiration we could find). Sydonie Mansion was completed in 1904 and fashioned after the Alhambra Castle in Spain, while creating during the workshop, I definitely wanted to include that feeling of being in another world, at another time and showcase the stunning architecture, beautifully manicured gardens, and scenic rolling hills that set this place apart.   

Photography has been a long pursued hobby for me, mostly landscapes, so what specifically interested me in taking part in a wedding photography workshop was the unique opportunity to flex some new creative muscles and gain some new insights and fresh perspectives. The biggest difference between taking photographs versus taking video has to do with the movement. Photography is freezing the frame, we place the couple in the perfect light, with the most pleasing composition to tell the story that evokes a strongly desired emotion. With video, we reveal the scene to the audience, lead them on a journey through the light and compositions, and take them through an array of emotions using rising ambient sounds paired with matching visual transitions.

They build off of each other, photo and film, hand in hand. The voices are shared, complementary, and often intertwined. You can see the same scene developing in front of your eyes, and yet we the photographer and videographer can capture and create the vision of our art with such distinct uniqueness that sets it apart from any other moment. And for this reason, photography vs film is an indiscernible decision, it’s photography and film, together, that preserve these moments in time. 

Venue: Sydonie Mansion

Workshop Hosted by: Fire and Ice

Hair and Makeup: Liz Santana

Models: Eric Brody and Megan Welsh

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February 2, 2022

  1. Rachel Woeltje says:

    Hello, my fiancé and I are recently engaged. We’d like to have a photo session in downtown Tampa this Friday, 5/19 since we’re leaving for Costa Rica Saturday. Do you have any availability? Thank you!

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