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Wedding Expo: Tampa, FL

If you haven’t seen much from us in a few weeks, this is why! Here are a few highlights from the Wedding Expo this past weekend in Tampa.

We had an overwhelming response and unfortunately do not have a photo of the line that was 20 + deep of interested brides and families at any given moment during the expo. An estimated 1400 brides and their families attended the show. What a joy it was meeting so many incredible vendors, happy couples and their bride tribes!

This design was made-from-scratch in both concept and construction. We had 4 hours to build it from the ground up the way we had rehearsed before the show began and we used every. last. minute of setup time. It was worth the weeks of preparation, planning and eventual huge outpouring of love we received. Most comments were “This feels like a living room full of art!” “So cozy!” “Your images are incredible!” “Is this an art gallery?” For those of you have followed Garry and his art you already know how spectacular he is.

It fed our hearts to hear the outpouring of compliments by others. At the end of the day we don’t live for the approval of others, but to have the chance to fill other’s eyes with the beauty that is love… now that was a blessing in and of itself. This is in no way a brag post, but a humble “thank you” to our couples!

November 6, 2019

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