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Family Photos: a Legacy

This past month we photographed a very special family, the Goodmans, in the beautiful gardens at Raleigh North Carolina Arboretum. This isn’t just another family shoot for us- this is a beautiful new chapter in the history of photographing this family for over 8 years straight. That’s almost a decade of a photographing the beautiful, kind-hearted, sincere family who is so dedicated to our artistry and entrusts us with their family photos every year.

We recently took a walk down memory lane watching their lives blossom in photos and their girls grow as we flipped back through several years of photographs we have captured.

Family photo sessions are SO WORTH IT, y’all. Don’t put it off. Don’t talk yourself out of it using phrases like: “Well, we will do it next year when (fill in the blank) happens.” Do yourself and your family a favor- document them in photographs! And to the moms and dads out there – may we speak freely? The kids will want to see YOU in the pictures too! Sure, your kids are cutie pies, but so are you! Flipping back through the photo albums when all the family is gathered around at a holiday, they will want to see your smiling face too – side-by-side with the rest of the gang. After all, you deserve the very best too!

Watch as the Goodman family, Kerry + Simone, Sophie and Evie – their beautiful girls- grow over the years in their family photo sessions… (also, take note of their wonderfully coordinated outfits – can we say #familyphotosessiongoals?)

October 8, 2019

  1. Simone Grapini-Goodman says:

    This is my magical tribe, beautifully captured! We are so grateful for your artistry and look forward to our sessions every year!

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