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Photo booth RENOVATION!

Hi Friends!

One of my absolute favorite qualities about Garry is his incredible ability to fix or build anything.

He’s done everything from fixing a squeaky door… to designing and building a 40 ft. stainless steel commissioned sculpture. It’s the tallest sculpture in all of North Carolina!

“Genesis” by Garry Boyce

It’s been a dream of his (and now mine too!) to renovate a mini-camper to use as a photo booth for wedding photography and prop for the photography business.

He stumbled across the MOST adorable little mini camper sold by the MOST adorable elderly couple!

The way he found it, the ease of the sale and even the delivery of the trailer were all, to say the least- serendipitous! It all happened so easily and without a hitch (except for the one used to tow it, of course!).

Norma Jean, Stacy, and Charles

We have BIG plans to completely renovate the camper into something incredible. Check out our Pinterest board for some of our brainstorming ideas!

COMMENT below with your renovation tips, color choices, etc! We’d love to hear from you.

SO… without further delay… here’s our version of MTV’s “Cribs” (throwback, can I get a what-what?) mini trailer home tour… click play to watch the video above!

With Love,

Stacy (& Garry) ­čÖé

March 18, 2019

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