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3 Tips to Elevate You Wedding Day Photos

Curious how to take better wedding photos on your special day?

We want to start off by saying that the most crucial piece to achieving the wedding photos of your dreams is TRUST in your photographer. After that is in place, the rest can follow! Let’s dive right into a few small changes that you can make to elevate your wedding photos:

Tip #1: Don’t look directly at the camera unless your photographer asks you to.

This fosters more natural, believable moments between you as a couple set your focus on one another, and enjoying your time together. And that, my friend, will create for authentic images!

wedding photo of bride and groom looking at each other to follow the first tip on how to take better wedding photos
Cross Creek Ranch

Tip #2: Practice moving slowly together at home in front of a mirror.

Think of it like a slow dance in your kitchen, not in a hurry, and not stressed. Movement can actually be a huge help when it comes to images that create emotion. As an added bonus it gives your photographer a large variety of expressions and movement all within the same section.

wedding photo of bride and groom walking effortlessly together and following the second tip to practice moving slowly together in front of a mirror
Powel Crosley Estate

Tip #3: Pretend that you are in your favorite pair of sweatpants while taking your photos.

This one may be hard, but it will be one of the most impactful! Pretend that you are in your favorite pair of sweatpants while taking your photos. This may sound silly, but don’t be afraid of your dress while you’re moving around and taking photos in it. It seems simple enough, but you may not be used to wearing that weight and amount of fabric during a photo shoot. So do your best to move naturally, and let the gown move WITH you. Trust your photographer will make adjustments and fluff at just the right times if needed.

wedding photo of a brinde and groom walking together as the groom holds the dress
Sterling Event Venue
Powel Crosley Estate

BONUS TIP: If your gown has a train, let your partner hold it for you as you move from spot to spot.

This also gives your photographer a chance to capture those “in-between moments” that we all love so much!

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April 23, 2023

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