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Well hello there!

So glad you stopped by. We won’t take much of your time, but do want to THANK YOU for stopping in and taking a look around.

We are Garry & Stacy and if we had only one thing to tell you it would be this – we love our clients. We love photography. It’s our passion, it’s our life, it’s in our blood. Not a day goes by that we’re not scoping out new locations for shoots, trying new pose ideas or pouring over new editing software and the latest trends. We think, eat, sleep and live for capturing the best moments for our clients.

While we take our job very seriously… we want you to know something we don’t take too seriously… and that is… OURSELVES. We love to laugh, be silly and learn from those awkward candid moments in life that teach you to be humble and real. We take pride in our work and that’s because we love making a BIG deal of others. We may be artists but we break the mold when it comes to that stigma. We’re normal, I promise. But just weird and quirky enough to have the artistic sense that gives our clients the best possible experience and photos.

Here is a completely random, totally sporadic list of some of our favorite things:

  1. Hammock-ing
  2. Surfing
  3. Pistachios (in the shell, of course)
  4. Small bakeries
  5. A good pair of pliers
  6. The sound snow makes when you walk on it
  7. Aloe after-sun gel
  8. Punctuality
  9. Fashionably late
  10. Leatherworking
  11. Vans
  12. Lazy Sundays
  13. Hot n’ Ready from Little Ceasars
  14. Coffee
  15. Coffee
  16. Coffee
  17. more coffee
  18. Keto diet, mostly because of… bacon
  19. “Phantom” red wine by Bogle Vineyards (you’ll thank us later)
  20. Persol eyewear
  21. Blenders sunglasses
  22. A freshly swept floor
  23. A lived-in house that’s a home
  24. Road trips (cliche, but so true)
  25. Biking- cycling, that is
  26. Breweries
  27. Skateboarding
  28. Homemade chicken tacos
  29. A-frame cabins
  30. campfires
  31. BBQs
  32. Nora Jones
  33. The smell of burning wood
  34. The mighty small portable speaker called Wonderboom (look it up!)
  35. Waffle House (don’t hate)
  36. Dawn dish soap, not that generic stuff that doesn’t work
  37. Cuddling with our kids
  38. Thanksgiving
  39. Our Sonos speakers
  40. Candles
  41. Renovation projects (blog post coming soon on that one!)
  42. Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Illinois, and the state you live in

Again, just a small completely non-sensical list of things we both love. Like a personality pop quiz, of sorts!

With love,

Garry & Stacy

March 7, 2019

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